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James 1

The Christian's Battles - James 1:1-15

The Christian's Bible - James 1:16-26

James 2

The Christian's Brethren - James 2:1-13

The Christian's Beliefs - James 2:14-26

James 3

The Christian's Behavior - James 3:1-4:12

James 4

The Christian's Boasting - James 4:13-5:6

James 5

The Christian's Burdens - James 5:7-20

Introduction to James

DATE, DESTINATION, PLACE WRITTEN: This letter was written between A.D. 45-49, from the city of Jerusalem, before Acts 15 (A.D. 50) and it is addressed ďto the twelve tribes scattered among the nationsí (James 1:1).

OCCASION AND PURPOSE: There were unsatisfactory conditions among Jewish Christian congregations. Their lives did not match their profession of faith:

1. Mishandling of diverse trials (1:2)
2. Failure to appropriate the available resources through prayer (1:5)
3. Unfair treatment of brothers (2:6-7; 5:4); worldly attitudes (4:10-12; 5:9-10)
4. Strife and dissensions (4:1-3)
5. Attitude that Christian faith would suffice to save them without a holy life (2:.14-26)

KEY VERSES: James 1:19; 2:26; 1:25-27 = Self-control summarizes a person of genuine faith.

KEY WORDS: Do (21); Work/s (18 KJV); Brother/s (18); Faith (14); Judge/s/ment (13);
Perfect/Complete (6); Wise/dom (6); Say (6); Believe/r/ed (5); Blessed (3).

CHARACTERISTICS: This letter is classified as the Wisdom Literature of the NT. It is filled with pithy, pungent sentences, authoritative tone, and ethical emphasis (54 imperatives in 108 verses). Direct thrust of the OT prophets, as Amos draws much of its imagery from nature and offers a stinging rebuke to social injustice. It is deeply rooted in the OT (53 references to OT Law) and the Sermon on the Mount (26 references)

In addition, this letter contains more verbal reminiscences of the teachings of Jesus than all the other apostolic writings taken together. It is distinctive for no mention of incarnation, atonement, sufferings, death and resurrection of Christ, or future life. However, it is compressed theology (James 1:8, 21, 25; 2:1, 5; 4:5; 5:7). Most Jewish writing of the NT, yet James developed the teaching of Jesus the most (see James and Jesus). James interprets Christís Beatitudes for the Christian. He explains how the Fruit of the Spirit is manifested in self-control. The letter is written in good koine Greek but not as well as Paulís or the writer of Hebrews. Yet, it is literary structure is a highly developed acrostic, skillfully moving back and forth between subjects and themes.

Themes in James

The writer of James

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